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Don and his dog

LeGetting to Oma's Books d ! 

Ekow loves to share his African heritage in a strong American sense. 

Whether drawing or writing, his heritage will always shine through. 

As an artist, Ekow has amazing digitally-generated works on display in many areas, including Amazon.   

He used this experience to create his much-anticipated children's ABC Books, Oma's Books; primers for early writing and reading. 

 They are his true joy and love.    Hopefully, you will feel the same!

AND AFTER OMA's BOOKS , you ask!  

Ekow is an equally avid story teller, bringing his history and heritage to life in adventures and classic tales of the continent.   

The release of these books will bright light to  Africa and its rich culture and heritage.   

Eyes will twinkle as Ekow puts his art and memories on the pages for the waiting reader.....  

In other upcoming books, you will see that Ekow is an accomplished artist and engineer. 

His engineering background walked him through the science and math courses to his degree.   

As a result, he uses that experience to create unique teaching methods for them.  


Learning to - Read ! 

  • Ekow has prepared his initial primers to replace or supplement materials currently in use to teach basic reading.    Beginning with ABCs and moving through sentence recognition/reading, they incorporate easy-to-use methods and activities.  

Goals and Objectives



 From the Beginning


Ekow strives to provide a series of primers, on basic skills, to help children K-12.  In addition, his heart is strong for others seeking to acquire or improve their English reading skills, whether due to prior challenges or primary foreign languages spoken.  English literacy is the goal for more who want, or need, to embrace it. 



To the END

Back Cover inspiration



Whether in the pre-schools, Kindergarten or early years at home or school,  Oma's primers can provide a positive approach to learning to read.  

Oma's Books

Level 0

An Alphabet list of 3-letter words

Level 3 1-3
Level 3

4 sentences/3 different

Level 1

4 sentences/1 different

Level 4 Read pics
Level 4

I'm READING, with Pictures! 

Level 6 Act
Level 6

Puzzles with words!

Level 2

4 sentences/2 different

Level 5 Read
Level 5

I'm READING, NO pictures