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EKOW’s Mission

Mission & Objectives


Bring the african continent into the light for its culture, strength, creativity, beauty and intelligence.... to the rest of the world.  

By empowering more Africans to read and write English, a universal language,  they will be able to better communicate and maneuver within it.  

By sharing African stories and art, the world will begin to increase their respect, appreciation and integration with the continent.   


Ekow strives to provide those who wish to learn the fundamentals of the written English language, with the tools to do so.  

To incorporate those tools into as many places as desire; whether they be schools, prisons, foreign countries or ??   There is no boundary to the desire for a literate society.  


Join hands and learn your ABCs...


Make learning English, science and Math viable for a wide audience of learners, including Africans  


Share generational African stories with the world, illustrated with her beauty and history. 


Collaborate to universally raise the awareness and acceptance of African culture, its people, beauty and abilities.


 Initiate and promote trade, cultural, educational, scientific and related exchanges between the advancing African continent and the rest of the world.  

Oma's Books are intended for the Educational arena, to aid in early learner's grasp of the English Language.    There are five different sets; 

From Beginning

The First?   Don and His Dog

To End

Why Oma's Books ?

THIS SERIES:  As a 'new' English language person, many years ago, Ekow remembers the struggles of the very difficult language.   Speaking it always comes easier than learning to read or write it.    One can watch TV or the Internet to gain their speaking vocabulary and sentence structures.   But to learn to read and write, takes time and is often very frustrating.  Ekow hopes to change that.  

UPCOMING SERIES:  Similarly, Ekow has been educated through many levels of university, and become an engineer.   He has seen the struggles many have with the basics... whether for the first time at a young age, or older, trying to 'pick up' new skills.     His primers are geared to plant the initial seeds of specific skills so the learner can grow them into proficiency as needed. 

Join hands and learn your ABCs...