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Oma’s Books


26 of them!

Learn to recognize and write them. 

Put them together to make WORDS. 

Oma's books introduce you to the letters !  

Repition & Recognition

Not just learning words, but recognizing when things are different.

Oma's books repeats learned words in later readings!! 



Thousands of them!

Learn to recognize and create them.   

Learn their meanings.  

Oma's Books use 3-letter, or less, words!! 


No Limit to them! 

Learn to create, read and put them together in stories to share!

Oma's books introduce a new one on each page!


The BEST WAY to Learn

Reinforcing the child's mind and creativity, in the learning activities

Oma's books have pictures & PUZZLES! 


If the WORLD wants to read  English?   

Here's a Great way to start. 

While many learn English via the watching the TV or Internet, not all ever conquer the 'reading' or writing of English.    Omar's Primers present an opportunity for those, either as foreigners, or late learners, to feel the sense of accomplishment and enjoyment that can only come from reading books; often alone, in solace and peace! 

Oma's books are created for people who are learning English.   

  1. Their unique features include:  
  2. Use of 3-letter, or less words; 
  3. 4 different learning levels; 
  4. introduction of a new sentence on each page; 
  5. pages with pictures, and without; 
  6. puzzles with clues.

From the Beginning

Environmental Chemistry

  • The Green Series  
  • Bob and the bug
    Don and his dog
    Dot and her dot
    Ray and the jay
    Roy and his toy
    Sam and the ram
    Pat and the
    Val and the vet
    My pet and me 

To the End 

Optional Custom Back Cover for Sponsors or Motivational Messages


Oma's Books start in the beginning and grow to the successful reader.

Oma's Primers- Now, and Later

Now, Oma's Primers are for early English learners.  Later, the primers will expand to include primers in other specialy areas where teaching has been complicated, leading to attrition in students.   Oma's primers will work to present those areas with simplicity, clarity and accuracy, inspiring students to absorb, retain and expand their proficiencies.  

Join hands and learn your ABCs...

Oma Values Knowledge

Reading English

for a global community

Appreciating Art

Enjoy Ekow's artwork Here

Understanding Science

to keep minds true 

Respecting Others

Brothers and sisters Globally.